Can I print my patterns on a piece of paper?

Yes! The easiest way to knit a pattern from paper using our app is to use the "Email The Pattern for This Hat" feature. You can do this by selecting the "Design Hat" tab after you have already started knitting. Once you've started knitting a hat, the "Design Hat" screen will show that the hat is locked, and if you scroll to the very bottom you will see that a button has appeared to allow you to email the pattern. This button is only visible after you've pressed "Start Knitting!".

When you press the "Email The Pattern for This Hat" button, it will launch the iPhone email application with the subject and text fields already filled out. All you need to do is type in your email address and press "Send". You should then be able to find the email on your desktop computer, and send it to the printer.

Some email programs are better than others at printing emails. If you find that your email program isn't sending it to the printer in a format that you like, then you could copy/paste the email into your favourite word processor program and print it from there.